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Letter of Motivation

Last week, I was trying to make a motivation letter in english for scholarship in my campus. I plan to post my letter on my blog if I am chosen. But, eventhough I am not chosen, maybe some people can use my letter as a sample. Being the candidate or not, I hope my blogs’ reader can have a reference from my experience. 🙂

Thanks for erasmus mundus’s blog in Bahasa Indonesia, which inspires me a lot during my process.

letter of motivation such as a ticket for our destination

Remember, in letter of motivation, we need to mention at least 4 points:

  1. Who are you and what is your  best thing?
  2. Reason for choosing a subject in that field.
  3. What will you do if you are chosen.
  4. After finish, what is your goal and act?

This is my letter of motivation. If you want to make a copy, please add the source and copyright. 🙂


My name is Almahira Az Zahra, a clerkship student in Faculty of Medicine Padjadjaran University, batch 2007.

Since I was senior high school, i am interested into society problem, especially about how people facing their health problem. I also have a concern about teenage reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, child and maternal health. Later on,  I join with SCORA-CIMSA in campus and NGO Mitra Citra Remaja (MCR) Bandung to learn alot about these problem. Nowaday, besides on my academic duty, i am still active in MCR as a speaker relating to health program in in radio Paramuda Bandung.

Basically, I like volunteering, because it can widening our perception, enlighten our mind, and sharpen our skill ability due to some discussion, interaction with people, and how we work together. So, every Saturday evening, I also attend public speaking and debating society forum to improve my english. And since October, i become a media volunter in salman media to learn about journalism.

Looking from my background, I am applying to be part of the Radboud University program especially on public health and HIV/AIDS subjects. In public health field, I am interested to analized how social, economic, people’s mind, and political context can determine health status in a society – moreover, in a country. I also want to learn how to make a good health strategic for local action during weekly paper and discussion session. In HIV/AIDS field, i want to learn about how developed and developing country give attention to the HIV/AIDS phenomenon and give the special attention for HIV patiens in their society.

Besides of that, by participating in Radboud University program, I want to learn about the netherland society, their culture, and european history and arts. Also, i want to make a friends with another international student and learn how to build a long-term relationship for professional purpose. If I elected, I want to share many good things from netherland with friends and communities, at least by writing on my personal blog.


One comment on “Letter of Motivation

  1. Ghani
    January 11, 2012

    ngepply yang program apa Ma?
    sama..saya juga alumni (calon) erasmus.hehe *ga lolos

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